Sessions & Rates

Candyce's intuitive knowledge helped me make wiser decisions. She is a genuine clairvoyant.

~ Logan S. 2020

Choose what session feels right for you. Feel free to chat to discuss and discover more. 

Intuitive conversation and Crystal Light Table Session (talk and table).


For those seeking a deep healing, transformation and integration. The first segment involves a conversation with spirit guides, to illuminate the initial issues and sources of pain. The second segment takes place on the Crystal Light Table, a metaphysical tool that includes ready to accept the transformation offered by this great metaphysical tool.


Averages 90 - 140 minutes.

Rate range: $125 - $350.


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Intuitive Session Solo.

Immediate guidance for focused issues and the desire to connect with spirit.


Averages 90 minutes.

Rate range: $75 - $150.


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Crystal Light Table Solo.

For known clients, a session on the Table and primarily self-guided.


Averages 25 to 45 minutes.

Rate: $75.


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House and Animal Blessings.

Settle and clear energies with to goal to chase away the weird stuff hanging around. Can work remotely with animals on the Crystal Light Table.


Rate range: $ 75 - $200.


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If you have financial issues and need my services, do let me know and we’ll figure out how to work it out.

Session Preparation

Wear comfortable clothing, minimal jewelry and skip the body oils.


Wear a mask if it suits you. An exclusive number of sessions are allotted each month, with rigorous cleaning and clearing methods applied in between. 


Clients are encouraged to record the intuitive conversation on their mobile phones. Know your recording app for quick access. 


Cool spring water offered during your session. 

Session Aftercare

Take the long way home. Find a relaxed and safe route.   


Hydrate, especially with mineral waters with electrocytes to keep your system boosted.


Allow for rest as you reset and integrate. Avoid the call of the world for the rest of the day into night. Turn off the media and avoid vexing situations and people. It’ll all be there tomorrow, but you’ll likely approach it more grounded and radiant. See clearing methods on this site for further grounding and release. 


I’m available for clarifying conversation about three days following your session.  Please reach out if need be.