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It's raining: Empaths and health.

It's a rainy Austin Sunday. Continued gratitude for the Rain Deva.

I've just read empath/teacher/inventor

intuitive guidance regarding empathy maintaining a healthy balance. Empaths have the ability to clearly feel vibrations from people, animals, and the Earth, which develops and strengthens under certain conditions.

As an empathic spiritual practitioner and creative being, I ground and protect my being and property from absorbing unneeded and draining energies daily. Clearing and resetting to neutral is additionally necessary following a Crystal Light Table/Intuitive session for myself or a client. Methods include: incense, then opening all the doors/windows in the house, a sacred bath, candles, bell ringing, salt lamps and the good old domestic chores of sweeping, mopping, dusting the walls, floors, windows, etc. One channelled master guide Eon casually stated that keeping a tidy house maintains a tidy spirit. Ain't no doubt about that.

Here's advice paraphrased from Russell's intuitive guidance about maintaining empathetic health: Empathetic illnesses are those in which you manifest symptoms from taking on energy that is toxic. Do not trade good health over some notion you are meant to suffer by taking on external negativity. Balanced integration of masculine and feminine energies help empaths avoid potential over-absorption of environmental vibrations, which in turn can influence the illusion that your gift is a burden.

For more info via Russell Forsyth and empathy, check out:


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