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Ordinary miracles.

In the stone garage, I unearthed a box of cool books left from a past relationship. Milagros, a satisfyingly small book outlining and verifying the ordinary occurrence of small miracles has become a companion. I have several milagro folk art works, gotten in Albuquerque. and have displayed them only to learn of their wonderful and symbolic significance. Here's my small miracle: several years ago, it was recommended by master guide Eon I use a trampoline to help rid the toxins from chemotherapy, etc from my system. I looked around for one, swam, did cleansing baths, juiced, walked and not finding a trampoline accessible, forgot about it. The benefits of rebounding on a trampoline came about again as a friend sang of its benefits. Looked around online, got educated about quality and put a wish out to the Universe. Days later, at the urging of spirit, I head to the Goodwill blocks away and there it is: a high quality trampoline/rebounder needing a few rubber feet but in excellent condition. It's so great to have faith renewed in these tough times. Hey, if you're needing a small miracle and relief, book a reading/crystal light table session. Open noon to five this week. 512.439.9542 for an appointment.


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