• Candyce Lucien Rusk

Summer special. Full spectrum Crystal Light Table session, June & July, for $55!

Life and heat got you beat? Get reset and aligned with a 7-chakra session on the Crystal Light Table. Powerful magnetic grid, colors and tones to revitalize your seven energy centers and glide you into relaxed stability.

"The Light table is out of this world healing, and I’m grateful this technology exists! ~ Krista Lea, mediation teacher, Divine Feminine wisdom keeper.

Make your appointment: candycelrusk@gmail.com or text 512.439.9542 In-person or sessions available.

Summer hours:

Monday-Friday: 12pm – 4pm.

Wednesday evenings: 6pm - 9pm.

Saturday and Sunday: 1pm – 5pm.

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Raphiel, Crystal Light Table assistant and client. 2022

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