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The Flow of 2024

Blessings this first spankin’ week of least in the Western Hemisphere. I took a dive into Barton Springs, acknowledging the past and preparing for the new.

A birch fire in the evening and putting notes of intention into the flames capped off my celebration. My intention for 2024: creating a cushion, a breath, between having just enough and nothing.

Living in the in-between causes so much stress, but bringing up notions and blocks from the underground to the surface is a sure fire way to meet and settle patterns that no longer serve. That's why I love Systemic Family Constellations work: the buried ancestral experiences get mined, brought to the surface and acknowledged, so we can have a wider view of our lives, make conscious decisions and free ourselves from entanglements.

I launched a new venture, the Austin Constellations Circle in 2023, and intend to offer in person Constellation workshops in Austin throughout the year. Add your email address to make sure you know about the Constellations Circle in person events.

The first Austin Constellation Circle is Money Flow: Tapping Ancestral Abundance on Sunday, January 21, 2024.

We’ll explore the money tangles inherent within our lineage. All of us carry the past experiences of our ancestors that directly influenced their resources and survival, such as war, economic crashes, gambling, family deaths and other tragedies. Central to our receiving and spending of our resources is in connection with the face of the mother. What was your mother experiencing when you were nestled in her womb? Did she have enough support and resource? Register right here . The Constellation circles so far have been dynamic, revelatory and forwarding. Join in!

I love the work of Constellations trainer Katherine Q Revoir, who offers free Sunday Constellation work on Zoom.

In concert Family Constellations, the joy of doing sessions on the Crystal Light Table and mining the Divine Intelligence thru Intuitive readings continues in my home office. To book,

feel free to contact me.

May your fortunes increase dramatically, dears.

There's always a way. Mayfield Preserve, Austin. 2024


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