Clear, Insightful  & Authentic

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Candyce’s work helped heal the unspoken.

~ JE. Abrams, designer, metaphysician

So glad you’re here. I’m Candyce Lucien Rusk, an intuitive, metaphysician, Constellation facilitator, writer and artist based in Austin, Texas. 


Working creatively with the spiritual realm, I deliver clear, insightful and authentic guidance and transformative healing, landing you decisively on the pathway of courage, wellbeing, true peace, and freedom from fear. 


I hold a practitioner’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine (D. AY), and through the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts, a Certified Advanced Energy Intuitive, Medium, Spirit Release Therapist and Crystal Light Table Practitioner, and a Family Constellation facilitator. A playwright and artist, I center myself in creativity and joy in this wild world. 

We are born with wellsprings of vitality, creative energy and caring ~ tools for living full, connected and aware lives. As we age, our challenge is to recognize and release current and past traumas, deeply rooted beliefs, and shine light on ancestral lineage and karmas to keep our body, mind and souls functional and happy. 


Following nearly 35 years of successful intuitive readings, and engaging a range of energetic healing modalities, I sought an advanced, metaphysically-based technology and theory to match the increasing challenges of living on earth. Resources to speed clients past the talking mode, to an integrative healing ever more self and spirit directed. 


The introduction of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table into my work has quickened, deepened, and delivered clients to a place of remarkable synthesization, rest, and the overall sense of power and wellbeing that I wished for. You ought to give it a whirl. 

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Candyce does life-changing work. 

~ Logan Sparks, scholar, healer

Sweet Violet Healing Studio in Central Austin

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You walk in and the atmosphere is magical, warm and welcoming. You know you’re in good hands.

~ Alex Alford, astrologer, arts professional

In 2005, after an epic journey from the tip of Cape Cod, I arrived in Austin in the middle of August. Never before had I encountered 100-degree heat. Exhausted, sitting in a small, unknown park, I requested/begged the Land Devas to find me, please, the perfect home. Guided down a maze of short streets, I came to a corner house built of quartz stone, arched by grand pecan trees. The owner was preparing for a new tenant. Here is where I welcome you, my home, and into my designated sacred workspace, Sweet Viola Studio. 


Intuition and mediumship are vehicles of communication between the physical and spiritual worlds. Utilizing decades of spiritual study, discipline and experience, I developed the ability to access and assess the divine spark within myself and others. Healing can take place in several levels and dimensions, including the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and etheric bodies. We are ever evolving.

Choose session work that suits you. Remember I offer a complimentary half-hour chat for the new and curious. To schedule, email or voice/text  512.439.9542