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Reap the harvest of connection that Candyce’s skill, devotion, and talent can bring. It is an act of kindness for yourself.                                                                                ~ Kate Cleary, meditation instructor, dancer


I've dedicated my lifetime to healing the present and the past, creating a more resplendent future. Through careful study and soul grounding, I've gathered resources that will speed you towards your own remarkable healing.

My work is customized through experience and divine spirit, and are offered in person and remotely. Select sessions take place at my lovely Austin home office.

Chat? Sure!  Gratis 30-minute consultation.  Schedule: or text/call 512.439.9542

For a complete deep healing, transformation and integration.


We  begin with a conversation about your current state of affairs and discuss goals for healing and clarity.  Next, a sounding bell clearing followed by a grounding meditation, breathing to connect the above and below.


Once settled, I attune and flow into an intuitive conversation with your highest order spiritual guidance, ancestors, passed friends, family and master teachers. 


The goal is to illuminate issues, identify sources of conflict and strengths,  hear from loved ones, and be open to what comes. All is blessed and delivered with authentic clarity and often, great humor.


Next, we head to the Forsyth Crystal Light Table, a specialized massage table inlaid with a powerful magnetic grid. Rich, chromatic LED lighting is beamed thru a powerful Vogel cut lavender crystal, set directly at the crown of your head.


Accompanying sounds/vibrations are intuitively chosen,  ranging from vibrational  tones, Tibetan bells, crystal bowls for tuned for chakra cleansing, choral music to contemporary orchestral composition.

Averages about a hour and a half 

Cash, check, Zelle or Paypal accepted

Combination Intuitive Reading  & 
Crystal Light Table Session
      ~ in person or remote~ 


Intuitive Reading Session
~in person or  remote ~ $100.00

Candyce’s knowledge helped me make wiser decisions. She is a genuine clairvoyant.

~ Logan Sparks, scholar and healer

Immediate guidance for focused issues, inquiries into the unknown, past life exploration and mediumship. Also can include ancestral exploration using the Family and Systemic process. 


Begins with assessment, bell clearing and grounding meditation.


Connect with spirit safely and clearly. 

Averages about an hour.


Cash, check, Zelle or PayPal accepted.

The session was completely transformative, taking me to a place of healing and oneness.

~ Jacque Smith, fine-art painter

Crystal Light Table Session 
~ in person or remote~

A self-healing session on the Table. For clearing blockages, calming and balancing your somatic system.

Before the session, an intention for healing is established. 

The light healing sequence can be programmed for a complete chakra clearing and renewal or set for a specific issue to be cleared and settled. 


Effective either remotely or on the Table in person.

Raphiel on the Table winter 2022.JPG

Throughout my life, I kept experiencing trauma around trust that I sensed wasn't my own. Working with Candyce, we discovered an horrific experience my grandfather had during the Korean War.  Through recognition and honoring this, I am able to leave the trauma with my  ancestor, while moving forward with the love for him and my family.                                                                ~ G. Leung, writer and counselor

Family & Systemic Constellations
n person or remote~ 

Individual session ~ $85.00
Constellation Group Circles ~ varies

Are you called to work with your ancestral trauma, ready to transform inherited patterns into an ever-generating resource?

Starting at birth, we make unconscious contracts to be accepted and survive in our family and community. Family and Systemic Constellations is an effective and rewarding process that untangles us from the unconscious loyalties that originate within our ancestral lineage.  As we explore and release the constriction that results from these contracts, we experience a burden shift and a broader horizon of possibility.

As a trained Family Systemic Constellation facilitator, I work with people solo or within a circle of seekers ready to discover and settle persistent patterns of behavior, inexplicable feelings of guilt, shame and anger that are often carried over from our lineage and lived throughout our relationships with partners, friends and colleagues.

Birds on Cactus Spikes.jpeg

Session Preparation &  Aftercare

My session held big information about a variety of aspects of my life, and are still revealing themselves days after our work together.                                          ~Bernadette Noll, educator, writer, proprietor

Yellow Rose.jpeg

You’ll be taking a spiritual adventure and releasing long held energies, so give yourself, and this work, the attention and care it requires. Eon’s Sacred Bath is a great method for a gentle, effective clearing of body, mind and spirit.


I recommend the bath prior to and after the session. It’s been part of my care regimen for decades.

Eon's Cleansing Bath

Purpose: to rid the physical body and aura of negative energies and comfort your entire being. Eon's cleansing baths have been a part of my overall health regimen for decades, especially following difficult or stressful situations. The relief following this ridding ritual is often immediate. 


What you need:

Hot water
1 cup of sea salt
1 cup of apple cider vinegar

A timer set for about 9 minutes.

Note: soaking time is strictly limited to 10 minutes. Longer than that and the bath water will be reabsorbed into the body, defeating the whole purpose. A meditation app with a timer is ideal to keep track o' time.


Fill a clean tub with the hottest water you can tolerate, yet still enjoy.
Add cups of sea salt and apple cider vinegar.
Soak for about 9 minutes.

Rinse and repeat as needed, especially after stressful events.

Session preparation in person: honor your sacred journey

Stay conscious and connected with the sacred journey you're soon to engage in.  Sessions are divinely guided by combined set of holy energies,resulting in a significant, valuable and unique experience. Spirit also has a great sense of humor, creating a memorable experience.  

Wear comfortable, loose clothing, and socks if your feet tend to get cold.


Please wear minimal jewelry and refrain from heavy body oils, colognes, perfumes.


Wear a mask if you'd like.  I am fully vaccinated. 


You're encouraged to record the intuitive conversation on your mobile phone for convenient playback. The app on iPhone: Voice Memos. For Android: Voice Recorder.  I'll record and email your session if you prefer.


Cool spring water is offered during your session. 

Aftercare:  integration and rest 

Take the long way home. Find a relaxed and safe route.   Avoid the call of the world for the rest of the day into night.


Keep yourself hydrated.  Mineral or coconut waters and electrolyte boosters help as well. 


Allow for rest. This is deep work and full integration may take up to 60 days. 


Turn off the media and avoid vexing situations and people. It’ll all be there tomorrow, but you’ll likely approach it more grounded and radiant.

I’m available for clarifying conversation following your session.  

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