Random prayers, exercises and meditations

~ Universal Prayer ~

Universal spirit

Please come into this space

And touch each being with your

Power, peace and protection

Open our hearts and minds

To the deepest truths that lie within

We are grateful and

We are blessed

                     ~Master guide Eon (1993)

                     ~ added text by Candyce  Lucien Rusk (2021)

~ Blessing and Clearing the Land ~

Purpose: Much has occurred on and within Gaia, our Mother Earth. She holds many memories and histories, and ultimately, we humans are but guests upon this benevolent planet.

The spiritual beings that oversee our Earth actually need humans to consciously request clearing of the historical negatively, violations and tragedies trapped on the earth plane. 


Use this prayer for best practice and routine maintenance to keep your land humming with harmony and beauty. When Mother Earth is honored, we are lifted also.

Method: Light a candle, or burn some incense.

Relax into a meditative state.

Visualize the land intended for clearing. It’s helpful to designate the boundaries using  your address, trees or buildings to get your bearings. You can clear your immediate yard, include the neighborhood, or the world if you choose. 

Call on assistance and attention from:

  • Archangel Uriel

  • Pan, the head elemental of the earth

  • The Overlighting Deva, who holds the plan of the land

  • The Elementals , who manifested and hold the form of the land

  • Lunaria, deva of the  earth's atmosphere

  • Sapphalo, deva of the earth’s surface

  • Darnella, deva of the sunc enter of the earth

  • Helios and Vesta, overseers of the sun

  • Include all elementals, devas and forebears associated specifically with your land

~ Prayer to the earth and the Devas ~

Above and below,

I  ask that this land be cleared

of all that is not pure divinity.

I ask that the land be balanced, illuminated and purified

With no harm

And be filled with

Divine love, joy and light

That is Gaia's birthright.

Visualize all negative and depleted energies being lifted off the land. I've seen this in the form of shadows and it can be quite profound.

After a few moments, express gratitude and thanks to all the divine beings for assisting.

May the land, as well as your being, be blessed.

~ Eon's Prayer of Hope ~

I come from the Infinite where hope is born.

I am filled with the Infinite, and I am a vessel for Hope. 

I turn now to the Infinite

Divine and blessed truth

that is my being. 

Polarity Correction Exercise

Exercise intuited by Russell Forsyth

Founder, IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts©

Often, after a traumatic or jolting experience, like learning of an unexpected death, getting rear ended by another car, or experiencing several days of stress, our polarity in relation to the planet can be reversed.  The positive to negative connection can switch instantly, and sometimes it takes a while to perceive.

Adding this four-step/repeat Polarity Balancing exercise into your morning or evening routine can help correct the positive and negative flow, and relief can often be felt instantly.


Step One: Navel and upper lip

Place your hand flat on the navel and apply a light pressure. Place your other hand, fingers closed, against the area under your nose and above the upper lip. Take a slow, deep inhale for about 4 seconds. Then exhale, still holding the pressure points, for 4 seconds. Counting will ensure the breath cycle is the proper length.


Step Two: Navel and chin

Now move your hand to the middle of the chin, while maintaining the other hand on the same navel point. Apply light pressure, take in a deep inhale and exhale, again holding the pressure points for 4 seconds per inhale and 4 per exhale.

Step Three: Navel and clavicle

The next pressure point is at the clavicle.  Place your thumb and index finger to the point where the collar bone/clavicle meets the sternum, usually distinguished by a raised portion of the bones. Maintaining light pressure at the clavicle, and the same hand on the navel, take a 4 second deep inhale, then exhale, for about 4 seconds.

Step Four: Naval and spine

Lastly, locate your tailbone at the base of the spine. Place one hand above the other at the top of tailbone, the indentation right where it meets the sacrum. The other hand stays on the navel. Maintaining a light pressure on both points, inhale and exhale for approximately 4 seconds each breath.

Repeat steps, using the opposite hands

Switch hands, using the opposite hand, apply pressure at the navel, and repeat the entire process starting at the top.

Indications and experiences following Polarity correction:

~ an immediate sense of calm and well- being
~ electric current moving through the spine or other parts the body
~ feeling like something has shifted energetically
~ a sense a load has been lifted, pressure in the chest releases

~ sudden creative energies returning
~more capacity to breathe
~ release of toxins
~ periods of shaking, trembling, or body shudders
~feeling the restoration of the nervous system
~deeper sleep

~ greater sense of clarity
~ rage or suppressed emotions rising for release

~ resolution of long-standing issues
~ sensitivities become more manageable
~ body becomes more flexible
~ a greater sense of purpose and belonging
~ balance past the period of integration