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 Systemic Family Constellations 

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Private Individual Constellation
In person or Zoom
$85.00 per session


Starting at birth, we make unconscious contracts to be accepted and survive in our family and community. Family and Systemic Constellations is an effective and rewarding process that untangles us from the unconscious loyalties that originate within our ancestral lineage.  As we explore and release the constriction that results from these contracts, we experience a burden shift and a broader horizon of possibility.

As a trained Family Systemic Constellation facilitator, I work with people solo or within a circle of seekers ready to discover and settle persistent patterns of behavior, inexplicable feelings of guilt, shame and anger that are often carried over from our lineage and lived throughout our relationships with partners, friends and colleagues.

4th Sunday Constellations Circles in Austin
1 pm - 3:30pm 

April 28th, May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th 2024
Central Austin event location given at registration

Seekers: $75
Representatives: $25

The Austin Constellations Circle invites you a series of 4th Sunday Constellation Circles, from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm in Central Austin, Texas (TBA location at registration). Facilitator Candyce L Rusk will assist two Seekers and six representatives ready to delve into the ancestral experiences that have shaped our present day relationships and life perspective.

There are two ways to participate:


SEEKER: (Two spots at $75 each): You will receive a Constellation gaining insight into the generational legacy that shaped your relationship to life. But first: please contact Candyce at 512-439-9542 or

ASAP for a short interview to get a Seeker spot.


REPRESENTATIVE: ( up to six spots at $25 each): During the Constellation, representatives are key in realizing ancestral elements. Great insight and resolution is gained.

In an Austin Constellations Circle,  each participant is engaged. The process guides us to acknowledge, release  and resolve generational burdens , creating new pathways and enhancing resolution in our present day lives. Link to join thru Eventbrite invite below. 

Throughout my life, I kept experiencing trauma around trust that I sensed wasn't my own. Working with Candyce, we discovered an horrific experience my grandfather had during the Korean War.  Through recognition and honoring this, I am able to leave the trauma with my  ancestor, while moving forward with the love for him and my family.  ~ G. Leung, writer and counselor

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