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My session on Candyce’s Crystal Light Table was extraordinary. In all my years of experience, I finally received a treatment that went quickly and directly into the pain I needed to heal. Whatever is making you feel blocked in life, practically or emotionally, I recommend that you bring it to Candyce and watch it transform. ~ Dr Logan Sparks, Scholar , Family Constellations Teacher, Healer


I had a powerful session with Candyce and highly recommend. Her psychic readings accurate, and the information is applicable and immediately helpful. Her Crystal Light Table held the most beautiful crystal I’ve ever encountered. I began my session feeling low energy and scattered, and left feeling with an energetic fullness and stronger connection to my Spirituality. The Light table is out of this world healing, and I’m grateful this technology exists! ~ Krista Lea, Mediation Teacher, Divine Feminine Wisdom Keeper


My dog Lola was hit by a car last week. No lasting physical damage, thankfully, but she was psychologically unable to go on walks...something she LOVED doing before. I'm talking zero interest and total anxiety. In a remote phone session, Candyce channeled our pup's spirit, and we set aside time for a Crystal Light Table session. The next day, Lola couldn't wait to go outside. I could barely keep up. ~  Katie Watkins, Media Producer, Magic and Mythos Podcast,  Theater Professional


Candyce keeps her sessions casual, grounded and simple. After an inventory, calming conversation and a meditation, we began the Crystal Light Table session. I’ve experienced many metaphysical techniques and found my first Table session powerful and stimulating; the second subtle and reassuring. Candyce skillfully modulates what is needed in the moment, and I received information in a clear fashion. I appreciated the after session to process with Candyce. The whole experience was professional and to-the-point. ~ Alex Alford, Theater Arts Professional


I felt totally comfortable with Candyce as a guide and healer helping me understand better how to both protect and share my energy. She is incredibly tapped-in and professional. ~ Liz Cass, Arts Professional, Opera Artist


My session with Candyce was deeply meaningful for me on all levels; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Even now, 10 days later, I am feeling grounded, centered, and with a greater sense of wholeness, compassion, and grace than I have in a long while. It is an act of kindness not only for yourself, but for all your relations to schedule a session with Candyce, and reap the harvest of connection that her skill, devotion, and talent can bring. My plan is to be in session with her on a regular basis. I am pleased to recommend Candyce as a true healer~ Kate Cleary, Meditation Instructor, Dancer


I have never done a session like this but felt called to work with Candyce. It was an a-ha moment, and a gift to myself! Thank you Candyce. I will return. That was some powerful stuff. ~ Bernadette Noll, Writer, Maker, Mom


Thank you, Candyce, for the amazing time on your Crystal Light Table. I was able to put our heartbreaking, national crises in perspective and not be so weighed down by them. I’ll definitely be back! ~ Jacque Smith, Fine-arts painter 

Candyce is spirited and creative in her approach to constellations work. Her ability to combine constellations methods with her background in intuitive readings with honesty and humor provides a unique experience of the modality.  

 ~ Nina P, Therapist and Family Constellation Facilitator

 I left my reading with her feeling light but grounded -- my heart was open, my spirits were lifted, and I felt clearer on aspects of purpose and my mission moving forward. Everything she shared felt important and intentional.

~ Elizabeth Solomon,  Storyteller, Corporate Culture Maven, Founder  New Realm Coaching and Consulting


Candyce cleared my new office space of any old energies that might interfere with my reiki /massage practice. Together, we created a ceremony to support my healing business endeavors. The energy in my space feels amazing, and I feel more spiritually connected to my space. Thank you so much, Candyce! ~ Rae S, Reiki Master and Massage Therapist.

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