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Starting at birth, we make unconscious contracts to be accepted and survive in our family and community. Family and Systemic Constellations is an effective and rewarding process that untangles us from the unconscious loyalties that originate within our ancestral lineage.  As we explore and release the constriction that results from these contracts, we experience a burden shift and a broader horizon of possibility.

A world-wide practice developed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist and missionary, Family Systemic Constellations a therapeutic, transformative process that helps identify and resolve chronic, serious personal issues that repeat over generations. When generational suffering is kept silent, it resists integration into the family system, creating the perpetual cycles of isolation, anxiety and mistrust.

As a trained Family Systemic Constellation facilitator, I work with people solo or within a circle of seekers ready to discover and settle persistent patterns of behavior, inexplicable feelings of guilt, shame and anger that are often carried over from our lineage and lived throughout our relationships with partners, friends and colleagues.


Explore your ancestral lineage, settle your present life.

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