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A New Chick, Easter 2021

This is my first blog on my spanking new website. Thanks for reading, there will be much more! Sign up for the newsletter please.

I'm coming out as an intuitive here although I started my mystical journey in the late 1970s. Studying with known psychic Margo Schmidt in her home in Lexington, Massachusetts, I remember an exercise in which I wandered in the spirit attic of some dimension, absolutely thrilled with the rich and clear visualization.

From there, I learned the symbolization of the Tarot, which taught moral lessons through it's archetypes and symbolic graphics done by Pamela Colman Smith, an artist rarely acknowledged within the context of the Waite-Rider deck.

A full year of reviewing several of my past lives presented itself, an experience not well known at the time. From this often painful and significant review, which continues to this day, I've grown dimensionally on emotional, mental and spiritual levels by retrieving bits of my being, now known as soul retrieval, an aspect of the mystical healing work I now do with clients.

There's much more adventure ahead, but I begin here, a new chick, and also and old hen. What a lovely place to start. Blessings, to all plants, animals, insects, minerals and you!


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