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A simple divination honoring the Winter Solstice

It's going to drop to freezing the next few nights in Central Texas. I still plan to have a fire at about 4:45 pm, but if not, a new candle will do for this ceremony. Perhaps you'd like to try it out.

Source: The Eon Workbook, Lesson 41: Winter Solstice Prayer

Eon: Dear ones, celebrate the Solstice with devotion and joy: devotion to the One who returns the light to this world, and joy that your earthly life is made brighter thereby.


To honor the seasons and accept with grace one's helplessness before them.


Clear a space, and set up a new candle in anticipation of the Winter Solstice. This is an alert to the universe you are ready and inviting of the Solstice energy. Note: It's fine to do this within a week of the actual Solstice date, so create another quiet night to do it.

At about 4:30 the day of the Solstice, light the candle. Keep it burning unless you leave the house, until the candle goes out of its own accord, or until you retire to sleep.

At some point during the evening, look at the candle flame and realize:

This candle is not bringing the light; I am not bringing the light.

This candle and I are celebrating the coming of light,

which comes without our calling

and cannot be resisted.

Going to try my luck with an outdoor candle tonight.

Love to you all, Candyce


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