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Austin Constellation! December 29, 2021


We've got a near full Constellation workshop tomorrow, 3:30pm to 8pm in Austin. Co-facilitated by Logan Sparks and Candyce Lucien Rusk, I'm putting this out there to invite a few local friends who might feel this work is right for them right now.

Some results I've personally experience through Constellation work:

Discovery of a clearer perspective of my origin story including my ancestral system.

A clearer, valuable dive into the essence of various sufferings and long-held conflicts.

Expert and gentle guidance through sound theory, intelligence and intuition in a safe group situation.

Relief arriving, experienced on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, without judgement or shame.

The view the world expanded, becoming less obscure, more centered on the way forward.

If interested, reach out now...the workshop is tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon in a artist studio in Austin.


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