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Cat karma & how to communicate

Hello dearies!

I've been down the rabbit hole of grants consultation the last few weeks, and watching the wild world turn. So much darkness is being brought into the light, and while it's shocking, I pray that we continue to move towards a fairer and balanced society, especially for women and girls.

The Eon Newsletter has been publishing public conversations held by Eon, mostly recorded in Amherst, MA from the 1990s. Fortunate to have attended a few in that decade, still now, I revel in the information Eon passed on, happy to have a valued and trusted source of higher information, along with my own spiritually infused automatic writing. This talk is from the Borne by Nature series.

Borne by Nature: Household Pets, Their Karma and Its Release, or Karmic Release for Pets, Conversations with Eon, Thursday, March 16, 1995, at Jones Library, Amherst, MA

Peace with the Animals by Eon

Communication thru the eyes ~

The eyes are critically important. With the smaller animals the eyes are more important than with the larger ones, surprisingly so. The larger animals actually have a more developed extrasensory perception, and so the smaller animals use their extrasensory perception through their physical eyes more. So, you are having a really convenient gateway there, to really talking to an animal with eyes. But also, don't neglect to do what we suggested.

Singing ~

Sing to them of your need for their love. Because this tells them, "Ah they finally understand what I'm here for.” Once that gateway is open and the light’s been flicked on, they say, "Oh you're open.” Then everything will be easier.

Relax into it ~

But first, you should relax with an animal. For example, a dog, cat, rabbit, or household pet, you should lay on the floor with the animal on your chest, or if it is large and heavy with its head on your chest, if it can stay, encourage it to stay.

Vibrate and relate ~

Lay on the floor. With your feet flat on the floor feel the ground vibrating beneath you. Imagine that you’re laying on the surface of water and you are vibrating. And little, tiny vibrations are expanding out from you. And that those vibrations are going out to the edges of the universe. Just see them going as far as possible.

As you’re laying there, you'll feel small crystals, like small snowflakes, beginning to fall upon your face and upon your chest. These are spiritual communication assistances. Things that will help you to communicate with your beast. Then what you need to do is, you need to project mentally a purple beam of light from your third eye center down into your throat, into your heart, and out your heart into the heart of the animal. From the heart of the animal, up its throat into its third eye center. Eh? So, it is a link through your hearts, but a link from third eye center to third eye center. Or, if the animal is one with more than three eyes, fourth eye center.

Close and far away ~

You can do it with animals no matter where they are. You have already perceived animals in the waters deep, porpoises and dolphins of course, and whales, yes. Not the blue whales necessarily, but the slightly smaller ones. The grey whales. The white whales. Killer whales are very interesting to communicate with. Yes.

Crystals and candles~

So, from afar it's helpful to have the use of a crystal. We recommend amethyst on the third eye center and rose quartz on the heart center to help you amplify what you are doing. And use candle. Whenever you attempt to do anything like this, have a candle burning. The candle mimics the flame within yourself so that, if there is any evil energy that wants to disrupt the situation, it will go to that flame instead of to the flame in your heart. And you are protected, if you have a candle burning.

Peace for all ~

We, dear ones, are extremely grateful for you appreciation of this subject. It is one that is very dear to our heart. One that is very important to the human race. Your advance as a race depends upon your peace with the animals, as much as on your peace with each other, and your peace with yourselves. So, respect them and take them very, very seriously.

We appreciate you for what we know you will be doing with your animals. We have enjoyed speaking with you all very, very much. Eon

Raphiel visits while I write. Austin, 2022


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