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Constellation revelations and an invitation

In the Fall of 2021, I took a dive into the waters of personal transformation, coupled with the desire to deepen my intuitive and energetic healing practice. Turned on to the phenomenal healing of Family and Systemic Constellation via friend, scholar and Constellation facilitator Logan Sparks, I'm in the midst of intensive coursework with nationally known instructor and trainer Leslie Nipps to become a Constellation Facilitator.

Distilling to a few sentences, Family and Systemic Constellation work engages psychology, intuition, and creativity, centered around healing the often invisible traumas within our local and ancestral lineage. Through the process of unearthing entanglements with members of our family system, including our parents, we also discover the Others, those who have been forgotten or excluded by the family. Healing occurs when all are honored, and then settled into the system.

Constellation group sessions involve a discovery process guided by a Facilitator, a focus client, with other participants acting as representatives for family members or as metaphors. Working in the Field which include ancestors and others energetically connected to the family through war or other trauma, that pathway to reconciliation and gaining new strength for those who are living is cleared. And it's so much more than that.

Last week, in a Zoom practice session with Leslie facilitating, four colleagues stepped in representing my maternal and paternal grandparents. Using the Constellation Orders of Love, Leslie’s and my classmates skill navigating the field, I was able to lay to rest the tragic early death of my father’s father in a train wreck, and the sudden passing of his mother shortly after, events that rendered my father an orphan. Through my family’s system the repercussions of the tragedy, silent but ever present, skewed the world in my child eye.

The evolution, resolution and healing that has occurred following this Constellation session has been remarkable, and the start of a calm continues to radiate from gently claiming the trauma of my father’s experience, and chiefly, how it affected me. Seeing several healing resolutions for others over the months is how I know that offering Constellation sessions, individually and in a group will enhance and lighten the loads we all carry.

INVITATION! In late December 2021, Logan Sparks and I will be doing in person Constellation session in Austin.

If you're up for this type of journey, email me at and get put on the list. Limited to 10 people.

Note: Constellation collage by artist and Constellation classmate Catherine P Williams, 2021.


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