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Constellations upcoming!

Hey summer buds.

Wanted to do a quick update on my Family and Systemic Constellation work. Tomorrow, Saturday August 5th at 11am CST, I'll be co-facilitating a Land Repair Constellation working group with Logan Sparks. It's free but you must register. Follow this link for more details and to sign up.

Also, upcoming in September, I'll be co-facilitating a Family and Systemic Constellation workshop with Claudia Hawkins in Austin. We'll be exploring the female ancestral lineage, mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers. By the 8th generation, our lineage expands to include 60 grandmothers! Details are in the works, and all will be revealed soon.

So please stay tuned, and I'll be sure to update you about the Constellation workshop as we discover, illuminate and settle our female ancestral line.

And, come on in for a spin on the crystal light table or take in an intuitive reading. Above all, stay cool.

In Beech Forest on Cape Cod, black capped chickadees come for the sunflower and thistle seeds. To have such a wee bird look you straight in the eyes, grab a few seeds and fly off is a sweet thrill.

Many blessings,



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