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Crystal Meets Bougainvillea

My lavender trinity crystal, a key part of the healing modalities combined to make the Forsyth Crystal Light Table so effective for healing, expanding, clearing and creating adds wild adventure to my life. Mainly kept enclosed in a suede pouch, as amethyst can lose its luster when exposed to high sun, the crystal is often set on the window sill under a full moon, soaking up subtle beams.

Weeks ago, I rested my crystal next to a salt lamp,and went about my business. Days later, I picked up the crystal, typically a deep rich purple, shocked that it had turned a blinding, bright blue. The kind of crystalline blue that shows up in the shadows of snow drifts after a storm. An exquisite color, yet I was upset to have bleached out the lavender shades by placing it too long near the lamp. So I thought.

As I left to undergo a minor, but intense medical procedure, I heard: "Don't worry about it, you know the lavender color will return." And it did. Also, it's become apparent when the trinity crystal happens to morph to a crystalline blue, a very high power is present within. My Table sessions become more revelatory and challenging, especially around unhelpful patterns that need undoing. Never know when the crystal color will change, but how wonderful. Pic here of my crystal pal meeting a new, about to be planted Bougainvillea. Wishing you many blessings. Candyce Lucien.


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