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Divine powers: grief, terror and rage.

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The summer has been very hot in Texas, and I've been lowering my body temperature in Barton Springs almost daily. It's kept me sane. And I'm deep into workshopping a new full length play, TAYLOR, TEXAS, due for a staged reading at the end of September...hhich is coming fast.

Ennave Institute newsletter is posting the significant guidance from Eon, Holy Mother and Jesus as channelled through Paul Throne in the 1990s. The relief, wisdom and love that flows from these emails is honey to the soul indeed, breathtaking and breath-supplying.

This message from Eon, given in western Massachusetts, in 1995, speaks to the holy emotions of grief, terror and rage, and how their expressions are distinct from the mind created feelings of anger, sadness and fear. It's what I live my life by.

Eon in Amherst, Massachusetts, October 1995

Seeker: Eon, would you mind explaining again how I convert to rage, and to grief and terror?

Eon: Yeah. Yes, we will give it in brief. We have spoken many times about it and many folks here are familiar with the concept. But essentially, dear one, these beautiful feelings of rage, grief and terror come from God. Like electricity flows to a lamp and lights it, these feelings flow into you, and keep your soul alive in this body. It is absolutely impossible for this form to be animate and alive the way it is. It is impossible. This body is just a pile of mud and sticks. It’s dirt.

What makes it animated is your soul. And what keeps your soul in the body, where it’s abnormal for your soul to be, is this divine energy. So, it melds your soul and your physical body ever more strongly together to feel these divine feelings. Now the energy is always flowing. But sometimes the switch on the lamp can be turned off. That does not mean there is no power in the cord. It does not mean that there is no power being generated. It just means that the person is not opened to this energy flowing. And a lamp that is turned off can become cold and dark.

So, someone who is experiencing human-level feelings, anger, fear, sadness, they may still have some divine power flowing in them, but they’ve got their hand on the switch and they’re turning it off or keeping it only a little open. They are attempting to substitute mental light for divine light. Anger, sadness and fear are mental feelings; they come only from the mind. They are caused by an external source. They generally include a feeling of self-justification or self-righteousness, and they end unsatisfactorily. One does not feel better when they’re over. So, they are not a very valuable thing, not very helpful. But one must forgive one’s mind for making these feelings because the mind is not really capable of grasping God as we’ve told you tonight.

And so, having come to this world, and having acquired a mind, the mind felt it should create these feelings in order to help you, in order to make up for the fact that there is no God around. Of course, there is a God, but the mind just doesn’t understand that and can’t grasp it. So, the mind created an obstacle when it was trying to be helpful. And the mind thinks you don’t understand and will keep trying to force its own inventions on you the more you try to resist them.

So, the way you turn the switch on is, in various situations it works in various ways, we recommend inducing terror by going on roller coaster rides. Yeah. Go on experiences where you know you will have the opportunity to feel afraid, and instead of feeling fear, feel terror, which means instead of clenching, freezing and dying a little, you breathe, you feel vitally alive, and terrified. And practice this. You have to practice it to become familiar.

With rage, it is easy to induce rage by acting rage. You cannot induce the other feelings by acting them, so easily. But with rage, if you are confused about the difference between anger and rage, and how to be sure you are feeling one and not the other, we have often said, and it is very true for all people that they can take either big baseball bat and kill a pillow with it or go into woods and kill a rock with a big stick. But you don’t just hit something with something. You have to walk into rage.

You have to, by the force of your willpower, you have to say, “I’m going all out now to be feeling rage, and you have to beat the brains out of that rock with that stick, all the while you use your voice power going “Ahhhh uhhrr-aaahh.” for about ten minutes. And if you do this with intense power and intense passion with no restriction on your voice, we have given this example before, we will not do it tonight, but if you do it without any hesitation, and with no holding back in your voice power, and in the force of your destructive ability, you will be walking into rage. And then you will be familiar with how that feels because it’s not anger. Anger’s directed at a person or at a situation or at God and says, “There’s blame here. I’m a victim here. I demand justice.” Rage is just the eternal feeling of power.

And finally, grief is a complicated experience to have because sadness is so easy for people to feel. Sadness and depression are very common. Grief, true grief is a comforting thing. For grief we recommend meditating upon a deep lake. Imagine floating on your back in a deep lake in a cave. Imagine that you would feel some terror if you were doing that. There is terror involved in feeling grief. You have to allow terror to exist before grief can come. But if you do allow terror to exist grief will surely come to you as a comforting feeling.

Are you not held up by that lake? You don’t sink into it. It supports you. Meditation upon grief as a lake is a very good thing, especially if you’re not feeling sad at all. If you’re feeling sad this meditation may be very hard to visualize and feel. But if you’re feeling happy, if you are not particularly sad about anything that’s a very good time to meditate upon grief and to explore its gentle nature in order that if you should feel sadness, you can immediately go to that lake. Become personally familiar with all the elements of that lake of grief and become personally comfortable and safe feeling with that place so that you can immediately return to it in a very vivid way. In that way you will be understanding how grief is feeling within you.

Understand, dear ones, these are not ways to explore these feelings as though they are unknown to you. These feelings do not come and go. Human feelings come and go. Anger, sadness and fear come and go. They have an external cause, and they have feelings of self-justification and self-righteousness and victimization.

The eternal and beautiful feelings of rage grief and terror are braided together as one power cord, an umbilicus that flows into you, through you and into the earth, that never stops flowing. It is only your awareness of it that stops flowing. When you turn on the light, the lamp lights, then you are aware that power flows in the cord. But when you have the lamp turned off there is still power in the world, it’s just not lighting that light. So, you should understand that it is not making these feelings you should do. It is not even creating them or getting in touch with them. They are in you now. They are your life force and the breath of your being. But it is really a matter of recognizing them and recognizing that they are eternal and have no cause; that they are unending and will never cease. And that there is no feeling of self-justification, self-righteousness or victimization attached to them.

There is only a feeling of unity, unity with everything. And isn’t that what the great religions teach? In their own way, each of them teaches a direct way to find unity with everything. You begin on a hub of a wheel, a very large wheel, and all the spokes that go to that hub, you begin on the rim, all the spokes that go to the hub will bring you to unity, even if they begin at completely opposite ends of unity, across from each other with nothing in common. By the time they reach the center they have everything in common and they have no differences.

So, let us always praise the great religions, dear ones, and we praise you and your holy spirits. You are beautiful people and wonderful companions on this world for each other. It’s a pleasure and a treasure for us to have a little time with you.

Light of Peace

Light of Love

From within and above

Help us truly play our parts

On the Earth and in our hearts

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In grief, terror and rage,


Harvest moon over Texas, 2022.


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