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Exploring. Then new directions. Coming offers.

The events in the past two years have rerouted my life course, much like a powerful, meandering river. It’s probably the same for you.

Longtime, it was mainly playwriting that occupied my brain and heart space. The absolute joy of rising with the sun and with a head and heart filled with quandary and story line, spilling it, editing, then again. Characters that call from history, continually revealing themselves and following a path that surprises as it informs.

And never far from my ear, informing the creative process, is intuitive whispering. As many artists know,the divine spirit is inherent in most inspiration. Dialogue and lyrics come to me naturally, and additionally, I labored at the craft. The eventual staging workshops of my plays/musicals in progress is a thrilling thing. But then, Covid.

About four months prior to the March 2020 shutdown, I felt a strong calling to renew my intuitive and metaphysical practice, which I began in the 90s, following coursework in Ayurvedic medicine.

Refreshing skills thru the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts, I introduced a Crystal Light Table into my practice, built by Russell Forsyth, founder of EIL. With the intention to quicken and enhance transformational healing during intuitive sessions, the Table is a remarkable and powerful tool. Having it in my home studio has been most beneficial, helping me thru the see saw of the times and my mother's death. Metaphysical work too gives me great joy, as it is indeed creative, somewhat theatrical, and the information from the spirit world can be remarkably brilliant and funny. I’ve also experienced great healing, my own and for the people that trust and avail themselves of my service.

New directions, Family and System Constellations.

In the spring of 2021, wanting to engage groups of fellow seekers, and further lightening the burdens of life, I began intensive coursework of Family and Systemic Constellations with Leslie Nipps to become a facilitator, a leader of group and individual Constellation sessions. Constellation work dovetail with my playwriting and metaphysical skills. The work is inventive, disciplined, wild, healing of historical and ancestral lineage, and endlessly interesting.

Coming offerings. Putting it together in 2022.

In person and Zoom Family and Systemic Constellations sessions in Austin, following a successful co-facilitation with Logan Sparks in December 2021. I’d love to have you join me.

Launching innovative healing packages: a series of sessions designed to speed your personal healing and transformation around specific issues, such as ancestral healing soul retrieval, heart and financial healing. Includes intuitive conversations, Crystal Light Table chakra balancing, personal and space clearing methods and meditations.

Check out my services page, and be sure and sign up to receive my occasional emails to learn about the services I’m so enthused to offer you.

Hope to see you soon, and reach out if you'd like a session or schedule a free 30 minute conversation. or 512-439-9542


Green for healing the heart.
Raphiel on the Crystal Light Table.


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