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For the new year: the blue/green meditation

Hey dear fir buds!

The new year (northern hemisphere) is nearly upon us. Oddly, I already feel ensconced in 2023...wandering into the local bookstore, I found the large selection of left over 2023 calendars puzzling. Then I remembered: we're still at the tippy tip ending of 2022.

There are all sorts of wonderful ways to prepare for the new year. With a thousand others, I’ll be diving into Barton Springs pool January 1st, and it should be low sacrifice, given that Austin will be in the 60s. The decade I lived on Cape Cod, my first of the year day dip could be wild if the winter ocean was turbulent. I would carefully venture out only to my knees in the surf at Herring Cove for 10 minutes, then shove my icy and sandy feet into rubber fishing boots. It’s much easier in Texas.

I’d like to offer you my first audio meditation, the Blue/Green Cleansing Mediation, created by Eon in 1995. It employs a wonderful visualization technique, and I've been having a ball doing this mediation while atop the Forsyth Crystal Light Table. Eon's recommendation for an effective cleanse of the system: do this mediation a few times a week for a two week period. If you try it, I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences.

Before you begin, light a candle and take in the flame, appreciating the light it brings to the world. Then, get comfortable. The Blue/Green meditation lasts about nine minutes.

Happy New Year, dear friends. Come on in for a Table session and do the Blue/Green mediation, or an intuitive chat. I've added Gift cards,too. Book your session here.

This glorious stained glass piece, designed and installed by South African artist Anika Van Der Merwe, is set into the ceiling of the new Lazarus Brewery on Airport Blvd in Austin.


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