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Holy Smoke! Enhance your next Crystal Light Table session.

A few years prior to Aromatherapy burst onto the Western landscape, I studied the benefits of natural oils and incenses drawn flowers, bark, resins, herbs from knowledgeable eastern Indian physicians at the International School of Ayurvedic Medicine. Decades ago, Master guide Eon also gave the world a superior purifying method: setting a burning blend of frankincense and myrrh under a chair, wrapping up in sheet, and allowing the smoke to surround the body.

I've been using frankincense and myrrh smoke bath about once a month to clear unneeded/unwanted energies from my person and space for decades. The result is always uplifting, renewing and calming.

While trying out a great new benediction blend incense, it came to me: offer a holy smoke cleanse during a Crystal Light Table session. And so I will. At your next appointment, we'll burn a good bowl of frankincense and myrrh while you're on the Table for an additional $40. This Holy Smoke aromatherapy session will enhance the already powerful benefits the Table brings: magnetic force, light, sound and crystal healing.

Schedule an Intuitive, Crystal Light Table session with a Holy Smoke cleanse for an additional $40 today. Blessings. Text 512.439.9542 or


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