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The Courage of Re-rooting

It's steaming hot in Austin, let's power up that resource. Join the next 4th Austin Constellation Circle on Sunday, July 28th, 1-3:30pm in Central Austin. The Seeker spot is claimed, but please join as a representative. Those in the Circle know that Constellations work can offer grace and benefit to all.

June’s Legacy of the Lost Father Constellation brought up an aspect of four social archetypes of current father: the father present in the family but not engaged in it...the father standing in the shadows. During the Constellation, a part of shadow father was brought to light by the daughter’s recognition of the pattern of disappearance in her own life, as we further explored some the ancestral dynamics driving it.  

Days following, the Constellation, the Seeker texted: the effects of the constellation have already changed my thoughts. My internal voice is much kinder and gentler when I begin worrying. Thank you so much.

To Constellate any sensitive and wounding experience takes courage. Done within the container of Systemic Constellations with intentional Circle support can smooth the shards of distrust and shame that can carry through our relationships if left unresolved. Constellations work is incremental, and key issues take time to truly resolve.

Seeker spots are open for August 25th and September 28th. To book it, please contact


Special offer for first time, on line Constellation clients! Experience a Zoom Figurine Constellation session exploring one issue for only $75.

We will Constellate using natural objects that represent you, the issue and the influences surrounding. This chess-like method allows us to see the bigger picture, removing the heat of the moment and giving new perspective in a mystical and effective way. Reach out to me at to book your $75 on-line figurine session.  

Zoom Constellation with Figurines, including a shark spine, glass heart and fused glass snake and stone




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