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Raphiel Arrives!

Many intentional changes coming under Mercury retrograde. New creative projects on the horizon plus intensive training in Family Constellations with Leslie Nipps beginning this weekend. More on that soon.

And hey! I have a new cat buckaroo: Raphiel!

He showed up on a friend’s land in Elgin a few months ago, befriended her horse Leroy, and claimed the front porch, much to the dismay of the other kitties. Leroy passed on as our animal loves do, and once I met this young feral angel looking for a new spot in the world, I claimed him mine. After asking, of course. The IEL or EL in Raphiel in Hebrew refers to the Divine One or god/goddess.

Raphiel, since arriving yesterday, has been laying atop a suitcase under the bed. He smiles and ventures out when invited, but generally is listening in on his new household, and watching the sun turn around thru the windows. He likes human hands a lot, and has little interest in hanging around in the great outdoors at the moment.

About two years old, with soft short white hair and a caramel striped tail, Raphiel seems inclined to have healing abilities, which will help around here with my energy healing work. And he's drawn to the ring of the clearing bell, which I employ each morning to chase away the worn out energies of the day before.

I’ll post more, but here’s Raphiel, doing air biscuits in front of the fireplace diorama honoring the white pumpkin. Hope each and every one of your creatures are doing swell. Along with you of course. Blessings.

Rapiel in the glow. Tribute to a white pumpkin.


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