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Return of Eon and my own Healing Trio

A foundational spiritual guide and master teacher Eon is returning to the world this month after a 20 year break. This is heartening, especially now, with the world gripped in fear and frankly, poised on mass destruction.

A focus of Eon is the removal of fear and providing a path to human liberation, and Eon makes no bones about the edge we are dancing on. Eon's wisdom has guided, comforted, and challenged me for decades, and continues to be influential in my development and accomplishments as an intuitive, medium and metaphysician occasionally reluctant to be operating on the planet.

Eon's wisdom, the mantra My Heart is God's Home, and significant lessons (Eon's Workbook) have enhanced my spiritual knowledge, emotional intelligence, love of all nature and connection to the Divine beyond measure. David Carney and Paul Throne of Ennave Institute have dedicated themselves to spiritual service, and while Eon has been forthcoming about not becoming a social contignation, the work, messages and love encompassing it is a blessing to all that are called to follow.

Ennave Institute's YouTube channel, David Carney energetically posts daily, sharing some of the history of the first emergence of Eon...a surprise to Paul Throne, who began channeling rather casually. You might choose to explore the Ennave playlists including the glorious messages of the Holy Mother, the Gospel of Jesus according to Eon and the history of Eon, which began in the late 1980s of which I was a part. As the new Eon messages become available, I will post them on this blog.

Upcoming Healing Trio: the return of Eon's teachings are a balm to me in these increasingly wild and troubled times, and I've been encouraged to emerge as well.

Starting in June, I'll be offering a Healing Trio package which will include a series of three effective measures toward realignment, relief and resolution. They are methods I've been using in my own life to balance, and offering each as an intentional healing system might be of perfect benefit to you.

I'm listening to spirit and my business coach, but here are early details.

Healing Trio package to include:

1) An Intuitive and Crystal Light table session.

2) Extended Crystal Light table session, an in depth focus on a chosen issue and corresponding chakra, or full spectrum chakra treatment.

3) A Family Systemic Constellation session either via Zoom with other Constellation facilitators, or in person in Austin. Constelation work explores cross generational ancestral issues that may have become burdens you carry. Its amazing and forwarding stuff!

More to follow about the second week of June, after attending the West Coast Constellation Intensive. Yay!

Blessings, dearies. What a world. And cat Raphiel is in training to be an assistant healer, and takes the work to heart.

Raphiel on the Crystal Light Table. Green for the heart chakra, his fav. Winter, 2022


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