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The karma of Horses & June 23rd Sunday Circle

Updated: Jun 15

The Legacy of the Lost Father Austin Constellations Circle is coming up Sunday, June 23rd, 1 to 4pm. One spot open for a seeker and several for representatives. Join us.

Before I claimed him, my cat Raphiel was found palling around with an older, beloved horse Leroy in his stable in Elgin, Texas. Raphiel was comfortable with the size of this gentle animal, which indicated the openness of his heart, and the hearts of all animals. Several months later, dear Leroy was lying on the earth, slowly transitioning off the planet, witnessed by his keeper and Raphiel, laid down near Leroy's head in his final moments.

I've pictured this profound tableau often, Raphiel and Leroy. What further strengthened my lifelong love for horses is their willingness to be part of Constellations circles.

Within the Systemic Family Constellations practice, several facilitators have brought domesticated horses into Constellations to explore ancestral experiences alongside humans. Active and empathic representatives, horses stand in for ancestors or situations that show up in a Seekers constellation. As beings who have walked and worked alongside humans for centuries, it makes perfect sense. Listen to facilitator Candice Wu's experience with horses in a Constellation here.

This conversation with master guide Eon in 1995 knitted some wandering questions I've had about horses and their relationship to us. Hope you enjoy it, and hope to see you at a 4th Sunday Constellation in Austin soon. July 29th and August 25th are the next few Sunday dates.

Borne by Nature: Karmic Release for Pets, Conversations with Eon, Thursday, March 16, 1995 at Jones Library, reprinted June 2024.

For the equine animal species, lessons come very hard. Their hearts are broken more frequently than many animals. They are more attached to humans than many animals, and more attached to each other. And they are also more attached to their other animal friends. And they are very sensitive. You would call them overly sensitive, and even annoyingly fragile, if they were human. They’d be the kind of person you have to tiptoe around, or they get upset.

In their relationships, horses get very upset whenever anyone comes or goes. When they are content, it is fleeting. When they seem content, it is an illusion. But yet, they have chosen to come to this world, to be this way, to live this way to learn. And so, they must be taken seriously, even though, if they were fully visible to you in all this aspect, you would think they’re more trouble than they’re worth sometimes. But they’re not, are they?

They’re really wonderful. Horses are here to bear people, not just physically, but to bear their worries. To bear their happinesses. To carry a lot of things for them. And that’s one reason why they’re so fragile, because over the centuries and the millennia, horses have carried a great deal of human suffering and human triumph. They carry it in their soul, in their spirit. And they carry it communally, as though they're each holding one corner of a big net.

They carry all the human energy that’s chaotic in society. People are constantly spitting out sparks of energy, ideas, thoughts, greed, jealousies, envies, hatreds, loves, uncontrollable energy. People are very wild with their energy. That’s all got to go somewhere and horses and the equinus animals, they collect it. They hold it for you and they’re not afraid to do it. They do great service to people.

Pamper horses. Horses are not so concerned with clean house as with healthy feet and teeth. That’s more important to them. That’s a priority.

~ Eon

Image: Running Buffalo, artist Gay Icuser.


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