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The mineral deva and moving grief.

My entire being expands and lifts when wandering thru nature. My understanding has been enhanced by nature mystic and author Dorothy McClean, who connected with the consciousness of nature thru the devas, embodiments of creative intelligence. And speak nature does, the spiderwort, rock strata and birds obviously. I've been pretty content in the backyard during the pandemic, creating stone rings around the trees from leftover stone that built the house. The youngster/artist in the back garage apartment got beautifully inspired, unearthing the granite and limestone rocks that had gotten buried over the years. Dorothy explained that the Deva of the minerals holds sway over the minerals universally. Moving the rocks into formation was part of my grief therapy on the loss of my beloved cat ZoZo. When the deep sadness became unbearable, out into the yard I'd go, choosing rocks with slight guidance, many heavy and all significant, wanting to know where to be placed. I sensed too that the rock formations about the trees are helping ground thru the wild melting/freezing weathers, but we'll see more as spring unfolds. Blessings.


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