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the mystery of fortune

May 26th, 2024, join the 4th Sunday Constellations Circle from 1-3:30pm. The seeker spot is filled, but join as a representative. Using the Family Constellations practice, we'll uncover and settle ancestral experience that brings valuable benefits to your present life. Join us here.

Novena, Day 32, Sorrowful Mysteries


The Way of the Rose novena lasts for 54 days, meant as a petition for your heart's desire to the Holy Blessed Mother, Mother Mary, Isis, the divine deity of many names. Petitioners requests ranging from the completion of a manuscript to healing the body and relationships. The first 27 days the request itself is focused on, the last 27 days is the expression of gratitude, regardless of whether you consider your desire met.

My petition for this novena beginning in late April, is a phrase divinely honed by St Eon: to increase my fortunes dramatically. It still gives me shivers of unknown possibly and the fear of nothing happening at all. My fortune, under the watchful eye and will of the Mother, is still parsing out in strange and wonderful ways under a timeline not of my influence. There are big changes and adventures I wish for and have little idea how they will manifest. But they will.

A few months ago, seeking solitude and greenery in a hot and overpacked Austin, I drove to a Preserve not far from my house. Walking on a dry, root and rock-strewn path, past cranky but lovely peafowl, I stopped halfway and considered how uninspiring the place was.

Fallen, disorderly trees, wilted grasses and brush, construction heard from miles away. Nope, not doing it, as I turned to head out, came a whispering: then help us.

Familiar with the teachings of geomancy, clearing lands and properties in cooperation with the elementals and elements, days later I placed a small, plump, alabaster heart in the crook of a willing tree, said a decade and the land blessing prayer, figuring my obligation was done.

At an urging a while later, I returned to the Preserve, guided to an iron gate in a stone wall surrounding a house the benefactors once lived in. A few yards in on this quiet path, the pulsing, emerald magic of the woods surrounded me. Palms, strong trees, modestly flowering bush, pathways over coursing streams and the considerable delight of the Mother was this unexpected fortune, a solitude and beauty undiscovered but longed for.


Since then, I’ve walked the many paths, sometimes lost, chaplet in hand, finding random dimes and doing light maintenance to keep the water flowing.

Grateful to the last heiress and gardener who shaped and loved this Preserve, who built ponds with water lilies and stocked with turtles and koi fish, the bringers of luck, prosperity and good fortune in the face of adversity and disbelief. All is holy, holy, holy.

The lilies in bloom. May, 2024



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