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The web of Light is coming ~ now

I'm sharing an important message from trusted astrologer Pam Gregory out of the UK. A channeling from an anonymous lightworker with little access to social media, Pam found the message significant and authentic and was moved to post.

This channeling resonates very deeply with information I've been receiving lately, a remarkable sense of good change buoyed by a radiating hope. Relayed in a clear, and loving manner, the message speaks to the introduction of a joyous but unanticipated burst of energy now being focused onto our Earth and seas. It asks all to open, going beyond our current belief system. Many of us have been awaiting forms of a transformation for decades, nearly giving up. But here it comes. A portion of it. I'm ready, indeed I am.

As Earth must change as a whole, so keeping our hearts wrapped around all in a loving way while holding judgement at bay (there's a challenge) is key . This way, we can begin to usher in the healing of the Divine Feminine and Masculine so crucial, so needed.

Blessings, breathe, and thank you for your work, love and attention to this chance for our ascension. Please share if inclined.

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The message of coming light resonated for so many. Thanks for your willingness to anchor these good and powerful energies, while keeping yourselves grounded and breathing thru it all. Enjoy the gifts of the Earth, and be aware of taking on the burdens of others. CLR

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