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Untangling Self-Doubt

Hey hey all.

The weather has been grand in Austin, and I've become pals with a red bellied woodpecker who's drilled a home in an abandoned tree in my yard. Days after working on the home hole diligently, off they flew. Then returned a week later after another bird, not a starling, took up residence. A bit of a battle ensued, but all the birds gave up ownership in the end.

Now, sadly, no bird is nesting in the perfectly honed hole. The woodpecker is still around, knocking for insects on nearby trees, and with it's distinct call, greets me when I open the front door. Not everyday, but enough to delight.

I could speculate on why the woodpeckers never moved in...not enough leaf coverage, facing the hot sun of the east, didn't want a territory battle. But, decide to not move in they did, and I'm thinking how rare it is for a human to abandon a home. We'd move right in, even if it didn't suit, trying to make the best of it, mind rambling on about how maybe we could've made a better choice. Such mind ramblings can lead to a kind of paralyzing pattern, when we doubt our every move, every choice.

Not allowing ourselves to follow our gut causes rafts of discomfort, especially in a world overladen with judgement. It can lead to despair.

On Sunday, June 4th, 2023 I'll be facilitating a Family & Systemic Constellation focusing on self-doubt.

Using the container of Family & Systemic Constellations, as a group we'll be looking into our lineage to discover possible fissures rooted within. Often, unconscious vows made early in life can hobble our confidence in our present day until recognized and released.

Tickets and more info here.

Any questions about this event, please call 512.439.9542 to chat.

West Texas bridge. Pic credit: Rick Rae, 2023


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