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Winter Blending and Healing 2023

Hey there fellow magpies!

I'm currently in real close proximity to the Sandia Mountain range. On my birthday March 6th, I walked one short trail to the volcanic summits of the Three Sisters m, and keep recieving messages about healing the Divine Feminine and Masculine within. The subject has also come up in several intuitive sessions with clients.

I'm about to head into a Family Constellation intensive at Ghost Ranch, sure to settle ancestral issues relating to the feminine/masculine imbalance, so prominent today. A a life mission of mine to heal. Quite the challenge.

There's more, but in the meantime, I'm sharing a recent reading by mystic Amanda Ellis probing into healing this universal wound.

Hope the link and all works, this is my first time posting remotely on a phone. Technology is such a wonder, and it's own divine challenge.

In the love of spirit,




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