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Venturing out. Finally. June, 2021.

Being comfortably/reluctantly entombed in our homes during the Covid months, we now venture out into the bright sunshine, eyes and minds adjusting. Realizing some machinations of the world didn't stop...development in Austin being one. Check out the new, surprise high rises where wilder, green spaces once sat.

And the great reset we hoped for. Its lasting effects remain to be seen as more cars/electric bikes/robots delivering pizzas hit the roads, office buildings re-fill, the diving board set up at Barton Springs.

I emerge, amazed at the degree of insulation, and the permission given to avoid some life of manuervings during the past year. While I've lost many significant parts of life, including the death of my mother May 16, 2020, I wrote daily, painted furniture, fed birds, planted herbs. And thru it all, I was able to embrace and study the function and depth of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table, which was set up in my home studio space a week after my mother passed.

It's difficult to describe the experience of the combination of forces that make up the Crystal Light Table. Laying atop the powerful magnetic field, the intense jewel tones of the LED lighting system beaming thru a 6-inch charged crystal, the sound of bells and recorded grand music arcing around the studio is sublime.

What I do know is that patterns and blocks, emotional, karmic and energetic have shifted significantly. Insights and creative ideas arise, the settling and release of losses come with tears and a grateful joy. Guides, angels, ancestors come in riding waves of kindness, acceptance and humor. And sometimes, there is stillness. No striving. No expectations. Just beingness.

I'm really excited to ignite and share my intuitive and energetic healing abilities now, after nearly a year underwraps.

I welcome people personally into my healing studio as we finally take flight and venture out. Get in touch and set an appointment. I'm open nearly every weekday and Sunday, noon to six. Fly.

Darling sparrows venturing out. Summer solstice 2021.
Darling sparrows venturing out. Summer solstice 2021.


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