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Year one, the Forsyth Crystal Light Table.

Almost to the day a year ago, May 5th 2020, my Forsyth Crystal Light Table arrived. Table inventor, colleague and instructor Russell Forsyth and artist Beckie Forsyth came personally to set it up in my home healing office. The Forsyth's were on their way to a new home outside of Dallas, and in the midst of conversations with Russell, I decided/was guided to purchase Beckie's Table in their downsizing. Thrilled to acquire a Table already imbued with lovely healing energies so evident to me, the Table felt similar to inheriting a cultivated, fine barrel of wine.

Another part of my new adventure and commitment included adding my own symbols on the other side of the Table, referred to as the portal. These symbols given to me wandering through the dunes of the Cape, decades ago after graduating from the Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine. Following guidance, I scored the geometric symbols into the sand with my walking stick. The various themes included particular symbols evoking protection, removal of fear, inducing love, limiting ego and integration of body, mind, spirit.

Days after the Table's arrival, using great oil pens with metallic highlights, I drew the symbols on the backside, and added a few loved stones and crystals. When finished, I flipped the Table over, ready for adventure. And, indeed, I got it. More next time.

And an offer: all May in celebration, it's pay what you wish for a Table and Intuitive session. All clients and friends welcome. Schedule 512.439.9542 or



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