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Hello! I've been deep into redesigning my website, and shifting life perspective. My study and practice of Family Constellations has much to do with this.

Starting Sunday, March 24th , I'll be facilitating Constellation Circles in Austin the 4th Sunday of the month. More on that this space and sign yourself up for occasional emails.

This post, originally written for the Way of the Rose 54 Day Novena page, relays how Constellations shifted a deep traumatic ancestral experience at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. Read on and blessings, dearies.

Novena Day 7

Joyful Mysteries

Untangling. Ancestors.  Ascension


This novena, I ask the Holy Mother to untangle the webs holding me in the thrall of immobility and fear, and weave divine geometric structures to support my journey. Part of this work of involves disentangling from the burdens of my ancestral lineage.


During a Family Constellation Intensive at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico last spring, the need to explore the unconscious loyalties and potential vows that entangled my present life with my paternal grandmother Constance became apparent. Practiced in past life retrieval, mediumship and rebirth, the dark foreboding hopelessness that descended upon me did not feel like it belonged to me. A primary understanding within Systemic Family Constellations practice is that unresolved generational suffering can create disruptive patterns that show up in our present lives. 


I never met my Grandmother Constance, nor have any images of her. Constance’s life was disrupted by a train accident in which her husband was killed and my father Albert, aged six, survived with a lifelong leg wound. This trauma lived in the shadows of my childhood it was never discussed, although a gory newspaper article about the accident circulated among my siblings from time to time.  So fraught was my father’s relationship with his mother, who gave up her three boys as her new husband wouldn’t accept them, only within the past year I learned she is buried in our hometown. My father never acknowledged her.


During the Ghost Ranch Constellation, a circle of beloved and trusted colleagues represented my grandparents, my father, mother and me as a child. An extraordinary pearl light streamed thru the windows as we worked within the Field of loving life force, anchored by the Holy Mother. Impossible to describe the exquisite shifts that occurred during  the Constellation,  I did sense Constance’s wandering soul come closer, retrieved, as I, her Granddaughter, acknowledged her life experience, and welcomed her as my Grandmother. Within that moment, and reverberating ever since, the tight, suffocating webwork that has enveloped me this lifetime loosened. Breathing deeply, a vision of my Grandmother ascending and settling into her rightful place next to my paternal Grandfather played out.


Later that the night, as the stars wheeled above Ghost Ranch, I heard my Grandmother call to her sons. “Albert, Larry and Henry come to the dinner table. Your father is home.” A new perspective was woven into the stories of the ancestors, allowing for recognition, dignity, and deep love. This is my life’s work, burning away and weaving under the watchful eye of the Holy Trinity and Divine Ancestors.



This photo of an unnamed ancestor dated 1928 was found in a box of my mother’s memorabilia after her passing in 2020. I will visit my grandmother’s grave in my hometown in the Midwest this summer.

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