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Eon and streaming knowledge

Hello ducklings.

It's been a wild ride over the past several weeks, especially with the full Strawberry Moon and the Sub Saharan dust that blew through Texas on June 14th, 2022. Many rapid and jumbled thoughts and energies were bouncing around, while bolts of clear spiritual guidance pierced my consciousness as I sat under the moon. Admittedly strange, however.

I promised to share messages from one of my master guides, Eon. If you're interested in receiving these enlightening messages directly from the Ennave Institute substack go here: Ennave Institute

In summary, Eon talks about spiritual guidance, human phases and the nectar that is offered by our teachers and guides. But do read and form your own thoughts. What jumped out for me: non judgement. Of which opportunities crop up hourly. The freedom that comes from not offering an opinion is like swimming in a peridot spring- fed river, like the Pedernales, which I visited last Friday. If I can hold the pure river in my heart like it held me, I'm golden, bathing in the stream of awareness.

I Am Called Eon From Take Heart: An Eon Book

Originated: Ceremony to Remove Fear, July 9, 2001

We give our greetings to all the people. We are pleased to be in this world at the same time that you are in this world. This world is a beautiful, beautiful place and it is made more beautiful by the presence of each and every human being who has chosen to come here into this time. It is necessary in this life to go through many stages and phases, and by “necessary” we mean that each one not only must do it, but that each one does do it. And thus it is very important for the human being to not hold judgment toward others who are in different stages or phases. This does not mean there cannot be corrections offered toward people, or suggestions made, or even criticisms. For those who are in one stage may indeed understand fully well, and better than those who are in another stage, what that experience is like in that other stage, and may therefore, be able to perceive the directions in which the people go, and offer them helpful advice. However, this can be a complicated situation, for it is also true that the people in one stage who have not advanced into a more complex stage of living may criticize those who have, and not understand their ways. Thus, one must always be cautious and careful to understand that it is not always clear whether one is noticing the faults or failings of another from a more advanced perspective, or from a less advanced perspective. Thus, who truly can criticize another? It is an awesome responsibility to review the work of another and hold that it may be improved. Who can know what is, indeed, truly the right and proper path for any other one? When so few people know their own path clearly, who is qualified to judge and evaluate the progress of another upon their path, or even to declare what the path of another is? Almost no one is clearly settled enough within their own path in this world to even know their own path’s nature, beginning and ending. Therefore, let us say first of all tonight that it is extremely important to be humble in life, and to focus upon oneself first. One must be very, very careful to do this, because without focus upon the self there is no progress. One may be on one’s path, but one is not moving forward if one is dedicating all one’s energies toward observation, evaluation and correction of others. One must observe, evaluate and correct oneself. In this way, one’s energies are directed toward one’s forward motion upon one’s path. Those who advance along their path are those who begin to see everything, including the paths of others, most clearly. The words of such ones cascade powerfully across the stones of time. The water of knowledge flows in a stream from the spring of God’s heart across all realities and into this stream flow all the wisdom and the awareness of great beings. And you drink from this stream at various points along its path and course. Who are these great beings who contribute to this stream of knowledge? It is they who have traveled along their own paths to reach that stream. Beloved ones, the stream flows freely for all, but one must reach the stream before one may touch it. The stream flows across the paths of everyone, and joins with the paths of everyone, but the beginning of everyone’s path is far from the stream. To reach that stream, therefore, one must dedicate all one’s energies of observation, evaluation and correction to one’s own nature, and take step after step forward, falling inevitably into the cool waters of this eternal, infinite, loving bliss: the stream of knowledge, which is the source of all awareness. Any spiritual path is delivering the water of this stream to you. For example, if one has a great spiritual teacher in whom one has faith and who is helpful to oneself, this spiritual teacher dips cups full of this water from the stream of knowledge and passes it to your lips. But it is far better to drink from the stream oneself. Nevertheless, without these cups of knowledge passed to oneself by spiritual teachings, one would neither have the strength nor the desire to continue forward until one reaches the stream oneself. Therefore, everyone must have a spiritual teacher or spiritual path. Should this teacher be incarnate in the form, disincarnate, a guide, a ghost, an angel? Should it be God? Should it be one’s higher self or one’s superconsciousness? Should it be a holy textbook or the traditional rituals of the faith’s traditions? Of course, dear ones, as you will understand quite well, it can be any of these things. The thing that is important is that it must be true to each one. And that one must be prepared, after one has drunk from the cup of knowledge, to put the cup down someday, for when one’s feet have reached the banks of the stream of knowledge, one has no need for the cup, no matter how beautiful it may be, and no matter how graciously it has been passed to one. A true teacher and a true guide, therefore, understands this and will not force the cup to the lips when you, yourself, are bathing in the stream of all awareness. When you have reached this point, the teacher rejoices in your success and withdraws from you in a certain way-- does not leave you, but changes their relationship with you into one which is much more effective for your continued progress. Beloved ones, once you reach the stream of knowledge yourself, your search has ended in a sense, but your path goes on. You still require sustenance along the path, and you still require guides and teachers, but you no longer require that they feed you from the stream with cups they dip themselves. You are now able to drink, yourself, from the eternal wisdom, and you rely upon these guides and masters for other kinds of sustenance and support along your way. This is the phase of life which is the most blessed, and it does not come to every life. Many lives are filled only with the search for one’s path, and the realization that one must progress upon one’s path in the way we have described. Many other lives are filled with the progress along a path, but not the reaching of the goal. These lives are filled with the drinking from the cups that are passed to one by holy hands, and it is a path of discipline, trust, obligation, acknowledgement and gratitude. There are some, however, whose lives are filled with the reaching of the stream, the drinking from the stream, and the progress alongside the stream in their further development as souls and as individuals. The lives of these ones are infinitely happy, peaceful and blissful, although outwardly they may seem to experience the same travails and complications of everyday life as you yourself may, if you are experiencing another kind of life-stage. To go from one of these stages to another is not the work of one life alone. Some may do it. But it is quite common that a life entirely will be spent either in one of these stages, or in one and then transitioning into another. Very, very uncommonly does one individual pass from one stage, to another, into yet another. So everyone must know that this is a life-long work, and a life-after-life-long work. There is so much time involved in progress, and it is a beautiful thing that it is so. For hastiness is not necessary in God’s creation, where all things have their perfect time and place. My friends and my beloved partners in the experience of life and reality and self-realization, I say to you I am with you on these paths, and I am walking along the path beside you. There are many who do this. You have many, many guides. Each individual has several, or dozens, or even hundreds of personal guides. But there are also guides who walk alongside one and also walk alongside others. I am called Eon. I am present as an observer in the lives of many ones. And the ones whom I observe may be known by the fact that they receive my words within this world in some way, verbally or in writing. I use the word “I” at this time because I wish to tell you that I see you in a loving way and in an intimate way, as one person sees another. I see you without concern, without worry, without anxiety of any kind. I see you from a state of happiness and bliss. Although you have your difficult times in this world and in this life, I see everything you do as beautiful, and I wish to tell you that I am not the only one who views you in this manner. It is more important for you to understand that you have many personal friends and guidances who are invisible to you, but who bring the cups of nectar to your lips with their own sacred hands, and deliver to you the water of knowledge in the way in which you are best able to receive it. Be grateful for these guides, for they are a gift to you from the Almighty Creative Source of Everything. Be happy on your path, and know that you are loved and that you are safe. Dedicate yourself to your own self-improvement, for this is the way to make the greatest progress. Do not strive to understand or correct others, for if you should become one who sees others clearly there will be no striving or effort involved in offering your assistance to them. They who are meant to do such things do not even think about this. It is simply their nature. We bless you all, beloved ones, and wish to feel that you are happy and peaceful as consciously as we know that you are at your superconscious level, where you are already swimming in the stream of truth.

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The streaming Pedernales River, near Round Mountain, Texas. 2022


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