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Fall Equinox, deva of the apple tree

Today marks my 69th fall equinox on the planet...this lifetime. And I've drawn ever closer into her and the creatures that live above and within. Granted, the roughhouse squirrels are ripping up flower beds, planting ancient pecans, while using the porch metal roof to catapult to their tree nest. But the wonder of an orb spider weaving a symmetrical and cleverly placed web, a lizard that runs down the porch rail when I water, the palm-sized paper wasp nest carefully tended by mothers...these things draw me ever closer.

I've been listening to/watching the YouTube readings of Findhorn co-founder Dorothy Mclean's books as read by Judy McAllister. Using a deep intuition and ability to listen, Dorothy connected with the divine intelligence within various flowers, stone and trees, revealing the beautiful wonder of nature we live alongside. This video is a message is from Maclean's book, 'Call of the Trees' , received from the Deva of the Apple, and how the great chain of life brings forth nature's beauty. How lucky we humans are to receive the bounty of nature, and we are duty bound to lovingly protect Her as we can. Joyously celebrate the Fall Equinox and blessings!


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